An exciting new phase of development is now underway at Lancaster Castle.

Please note that during this period there will be no permanent café facility available at the Castle and the ticket office will be relocated to A-Wing. Guided tours and events will continue as scheduled.

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Name Crime Year
Thomas Abbott Passing Forged Coin 1817
Michael Adams Felony 1817
Thomas Adamson Forgery 1818
Joseph Adkinson Burglary at Heaton Norris, Stockport 1827
William Adshead Killing and Slaying Charles Barlow at Manchester 1827
Benjamin Ainscough Burglary at Bolton 1817
George Ainsworth Felony 1816
Jeremiah Aldred Burglary at Manchester 1817
Samuel Allen Uttering a forged note 1817
Thomas Allen Highway Robbery 1817
Robert Allen Aiding and Abetting Thomas Heys to Kill and Slay Thomas Clough at Salford 1827
Joseph Almond Assault and carnal knowledge of Ellen Almond 1818
Hannah Anderson Uttering forged notes 1817
William Andrews Theft 1817
Ann Andrews Felony 1818
Thomas Armstrong Arson with intent to defraud 1817
Thomas Armstrong Arson 1817
Samuel Arundale Assault 1818
William Ashcroft Assault 1818
Samuel Ashcroft Highway Robbery 1827
David Ashcroft Double Murder at Pendleton 1817
James Ashcroft Jnr Double Murder at Pendleton 1817
James Ashcroft Snr Double Murder at Pendleton 1817
Mary Ashton Felony 1818
Robert Ashton Assault and theft 1817
John Ashworth Uttering forged notes 1817
Robert Ashworth Theft 1817
James Ashworth Burglary 1814
John Ashworth Uttering Forged Notes 1817
Kay Aspinall Burglary 1824
Thomas Aspinall Felony 1817

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