An exciting new phase of development is now underway at Lancaster Castle.

Please note that during this period there will be no permanent café facility available at the Castle and the ticket office will be relocated to A-Wing. Guided tours and events will continue as scheduled.

Ghost Hunts



Here at Lancaster Castle we can tailor all events to suit your needs and requirements, meaning you can design your own evening according to your budget and objectives of the group.


Investigation (7 pm - midnight) = £25.00 per person

Same as above with soup and sandwiches = £30.00 per person


We take a minimum of 20 up to a maximum of 35 guests, with up to 4 team members per investigation free of charge. Additional staff will be charged at the usual rate. Some groups may choose to bring fewer than 20 guests, however the price does still remain the same at our minimum rate.

All groups must have their own full public liability insurance and a fully qualified first aider present.

You may also investigate up until 4 am for a flat rate of £50.00 per extra hour. For example to investigate until 2 am, the cost would be an extra £100.00 and £200.00 extra to investigate until 4 am.

We will provide security throughout the duration of the event. No outside catering is aloud onsite, however, refreshments and catering can be booked in advance. Please ask to see our menus and price list.

If you would like an opportunity to investigate Lancaster Castle, please forward your desired dates.


Terms and conditions relating to an investigation at Lancaster Castle, 'under no circumstances are ouija boards, séances, tarot or any form of pagan/Wicca ritual permitted.  Divining rods and crystals are fine.  We do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to participate and you must ensure there is a fully qualified first aider as part of your team. Your guests must be accompanied by a team member at all times - do not allow the general public to wander off on their own. There will be a security guard on duty throughout the evening.'You must provide a copy of your company's public liability insurance, Health and safety at work policy and first aid certificates for all team members at point of reservation. 


Lancaster Castle as a Prison; A place of Execution and The Pendle Witches 


Lancaster Castle is 11th century Norman in root, with some sections of the Norman Castle still in place. The Well Tower, built around 1325 was the place that held the notorious Pendle witches in 1612, and reported to be the place where Old Demdyke died whilst awaiting trial. The dark and gloomy rooms in the Well Tower are now open for investigation and have a remarkable atmosphere. The ten other Pendle witches found guilty within the walls of Lancaster castle were hanged high on the moors nearby as a vast public affair. After 1800, the site of execution in Lancaster moved to the castle itself and people were hung publicly from the wall of the drop room to crowds sometimes exceeding 5,000. Public hanging remained in force until 1865, after which the death sentence was carried out within the hanging yard of the castle which still remains. The castle remained a working prison until Spring 2011.




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