Middle Ages Recaptured


Bear witness to life in the Middle Ages as we turn back time to recapture the age when a Norman Castle commanded the hilltop here in Lancaster.

Croix du Nord, the Country’s leading re-enactment society, will portray the history of the people of the North West a thousand years ago.  Whether Vikings, Anglo-Saxon or Norman, Croix du Nord brings the colourful characters of the past to life.

Living History:

An encampment of authentic tents which will showcase the life of the civilians and military personnel. Members of the public will be able to take a tour around the living history area and see how daily life unfolded for our ancestors.

There will be inter-active displays with the warriors and their armoury and civilians carrying out their household activities and crafts.  Activities on display will be clothes dyeing, tablet weaving, food preparations and cooking, bone working, and leather working.

Combat and Military Arena:

Audiences will experience combat and military techniques up close as two sides clash in competitive combat and mock tournaments which will take place throughout the day.  There will be military training, shield wall training, weapons demonstrations and demonstrations of the arming of a Knight.

Have-a-go activities:

Visitors will be able to get involved with different aspects of Norman life, including:

  • Archery
  • Spinning, weaving and embroidery
  • Butter churning and grinding grain on the quern stone
  • Norman skittles
  • Children’s shield wall training and military drill
  • Exploration of the ‘Midden’.


£3 entry fee to the Castle event. Under-5s free of charge.


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