Lancaster Castle is a striking and unique location for photo-shoots, music video, movie, drama and documentary filming. We are unique in offering two distinct environments in the same location.

One is a virtually untouched 20th Century English prison building complete with austere multi-storey walkways and heavy, bolted doors to authentic cells.

The other, of course, is a centuries old high-walled castle, complete with battlements, portcullis, hanging yards and an imposing twin-towered gatehouse.

There is also a pristine 18th Century wood panelled Crown Court room as well as the Shire Hall – a splendid ten-sided room, featuring a semi-circle of Gothic pillars and arches. Here is a splendid display of over 650 wall-hung shields bearing the arms of every English monarch from Richard The Lionheart onward, as well as all the Constables of Lancaster Castle and the High Sheriffs of Lancashire.

We are happy to accommodate reconnaissance visits for film location researchers and then to discuss requirements and rates before agreeing a film project contract.

Please note that the Shire Hall and Crown Court are still frequently used for judicial purposes so filming there is not always possible.

For more details about filming at Lancaster Castle, please call on 01524 237310, or call 01524 64998 for filming in the Shire Hall.

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