Tassel Making Classes 25th and 26th July

In the Bible God told Moses to make tassels(tzitzit) and wear them on the corners of his garments to remember the commandments; and in the Middle East tassels were worn as talismans to protect from evil spirits and demons. These tassels however bore little resemblance to the modern European decorations. The French dominated the tassel market, apprentices took seven years to become a passementier.

Now used primarily as decoration tassels are still popular in interior design.

Come and learn the art of passmenterie, on day one we will be creating a beautiful wooden topped pompom tassel and on day two a skirted version, working with a contemporary and rich colour palette of high-quality woollen yarns and wooden tassel moulds.

You will learn the traditional techniques for making an elegant wooden mould tassel, using basic methods such as how to roll a wooden tassel mould with cord, make a pompom skirt, and assemble the whole tassel with a 4-strand suspension cord.

You will also learn how to spin cords using a special four-hook cord-twisting tool.

All kit included, as is a cup of Atkinson’s coffee.
To ensure a fun time with plenty of room and support the class is restricted to eight students – £200.

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